Is This Popcash Scam or Legit ? Popcash Reviews

Popcash is only of the old Pop-under advertising network, this is also a popular pop under Ad network well its uses CPM, CPC pricing to pay its publishers payouts.

Popcash offers the best & high CPM rates to their publishers. The reason is they have the tons of advertisers around the globe who offers the high CPM rate to the publishers.

Is This Popcash Scam or Legit

Well, this good thing is this Ad network its servers high-quality content has driven pop-under ads to all publishers and these ads are content driven so they do not harm the user experiences This makes members earn a good money.

Well, this Popcash networks which generate the high CTR & generate the higher revenue for the publishers.

Well, I have used this Ad network on my other blog and it was quite good compared to the popads.I have also got the payment several times via PayPal.

The other thing is that this ad network counts all the impressions and all & other ad networks don't count the impressions and deliver the ads for the viewers or visitors. If you have good traffic you will be paid more & more.

How to join the Popcash?

Its easy to join the Popcash all worldwide members are allowed all you need all you need to is to sign up here is the sign-up link.

Why you need to join this Popcash?

Well, here you need to join because you need the Popcash provides the low payout like $10 and it provides the live stats & referral program with nice team support.

And the other end is that this Popcash accepts all kind of blogs & websites, subdomains blogs & small traffic blogs also they accept.

From the other view of point, this network seems to be good to join & make money even if you have the small amount of traffic.

Sign Up & Approval:  Sign Up processes is so simple & easy way to join, Whoever has the blog or website you can sign up using it. Although Popcash accepts which don't comply with their term & conditions its easy to get the account.

The Approval process is easy and they have no rules on popcash. They may reviews the websites properly to maintain the quality you can get the account approved within 1 hour of the submission.

But in my case, it took me just 2 hours after the submission.

Dashboard & stats: The publisher dashboard is unique & impressive here you can see or check all the detailed reports 7 daily earnings.

Here you will get the real-time stats and you can check your earnings instantly.

Minimum Payout: As being the premium ad network they provide the very low minimum payout for all publishers & the minimum amount of payout is just $10.

Payment Methods: They are offering multiple payment options to publishers such as Paypal, Payza & Paxum.

The payments are made within 48 hrs or its make takes a minimum of 7 working days and you will be paid.

For more details & queries on Popcash you can comment below 

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Is This Popcash Scam or Legit ? Popcash Reviews
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