The Best Paid Online Survey Websites

Here are some best paid online surveys which the probable & the easiest opportunity to may money online. There are tons of market research companies are recruiting new members from the globe. They are depended on people like your opinion & sharing on anything from any president to the latest technology. But remember most of the sites are not legit & which never pays you & wasting time by taking the surveys. So we have made the lists of survey websites which pays you on time.

Best Paid Online Survey Websites
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Legit online survey websites

Well, these sites are available for all members of the world & they pay in both USD & GBP. This site has the limited members to take part in the paid surveys each month per person. To earn the serious money & rewards sign up as many as you can to get the cash surveys as possible.

1: Swagbucks

A huge variety of ways to earn rewards & cash prize & sign- up bonus.

Swagbucks are the worlds largest & most reliable survey site. They offer rewards for playing games & watching videos, cash rewards, vouchers & the prize draws.

Amount & cash reward per survey: 70 points called SB (40p) min reward threshold is 1 SB. We got more positive reviews from the global members & readers. We noticed that completing survey & pools every day they pay off with your time consumed for taking part in surveys.

At Swagbucks, there are 11 ways to make earn. Surveys consume to time around 10 Min to complete where that's gonna make you earn around £2.40 an hour. This sounds good to earn from surveys.

2: Toluna

Toluna keeps the test for products & earn vouchers as many as you can whenever the survey are available.

Who are they? Toluna is a 2nd best- trusted opinion websites working behalf of the leading companies. Well, they are giving the best surveys according to the country based surveys about products & services after completing the tasks you will earn rewards for that.

Rewards you get: Amazon vouchers, Free products & prize draws

Rewards or Amount per surveys: 3,000 to 6,000 points (80,000 points gets you or earn a 15 GBP vouchers.

What's the reward threshold: 500 for prizes, 80,000 for gift vouchers.

Our Reviews: Here you won't get the real product to test just completing the surveys online you will be paid or get the freebies every month. You can also answer the surveys on the site to earn more points which is equal to the vouchers & the survey timings depend or take around 15 min to complete it its make the mostly 1 hour & more & you will earn 4 GBP per hour.

3: Mysurvey

Here you can earn from  £3-  £5 per hour.

Who are they? They are the best consumer panel who are looking for the high volume of participating market &  research studies for more rewards.

How do they pay? They pay via Paypal payments, Amazon vouchers

How much can you earn: Here you can earn around 100 points & more per survey depends on the lengthy surveys.

Min threshold: The min threshold is 345 points equal to (£3).

Our review: Its worth of sign up & we get the daily surveys from Mysurvey and will send the surveys according to your profile 7 interests. And the average surveys is about 15 min to complete and pays you 100 points & more. And earn here £4-£6/hour don't be late to get started here.

4: Panel opinion:

This Panel opinion is the low payout threshold site.

Who are they? Panel opinion is one the most popular & legit survey site.

Amount per survey: 0.50p to  £6. & the minimum threshold is  £10.

Survey: Usually this surveys lengthy is around 10 to 15 min to complete the surveys and you can earn more if you get the long surveys but be genuine at the time of taking the surveys you will get many offers & more surveys.

5: Branded surveys:

This Branded survey is the frequent global market research surveys.

Who are they?

Branded surveys are much popular because they are providing a high volume of surveys.

Reward: Cash rewards & gift rewards they are very fast at paying to the members

Payout: The minimum threshold is $10 and more

Our review: Easy to register & get the surveys daily & earn more money.

6: Global Test Market

Here at global test market, you can earn $500 and more depends on the quality surveys you answer.

This is especially meant for US survey site and them payout in USD & GBP

Rewards: Cash, Gift vouchers & prize draws

Amount per survey: The minimum reward per survey is around $2.5 to $5.

Survey timings: Min timings per survey to take is 15 min to 45 min the more time you take surveys the cash rewards will be more.

So here we have provided the best and high paying survey sites which is legit all the time & paying their members on time so our suggestion is that at the time of answering the surveys please be legit more genuine so this is going to pay you for your efforts & time.

Leave your honest reviews & your experience in the comment section.

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The Best Paid Online Survey Websites
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